Appeal for funds

The Institute for Venture Science operates solely on donations from parties invested in nurturing humanity. We welcome your interest.


The IVS affords donors an opportunity to help change the world, and to witness that change during their lifetimes. Our strategy anticipates an outpouring of paradigm-shifting breakthroughs in science, which will provide timely solutions to problems that now threaten our world’s very survival. Your partnering will leave significant and lasting legacies — gifts to mankind that you will be proud to have supported.

We are seeking funds for ramping up our operation. While our long-term goal involves an endowment in the billions, our immediate goal is more modest. One million dollars will allow us to fund promising breakthrough science that has already been extensively vetted. Five million dollars will expand our operations to begin making a difference. Ten million dollars will make us fully operational for the next two years, and well poised to build the IVS into a major world force — of which you can be a part.

A 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt entity has been set up to receive donations.

As an IVS patron, you will enjoy a front-row seat to witness the technologies that inevitably emerge from IVS investments in breakthrough science.

We will happily discuss details of how your donation can be used to help build this important endeavor.

For further information please contact Dr. Gerald Pollack by phone at +1 (206) 708-2458 or email

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Small donations also welcome

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