break through

break through

The Institute for Venture Science nurtures courageous ideas, facilitating breakthrough science.

Dr. Luc Montagnier

Nobel Laureate

Scientists around the globe are uncovering new experiments which confound the current model. We are talking about a breakthrough on a fundamental level. IVS is well-suited to accelerate this breakthrough.

Almost every major revolutionary breakthrough had some thinkers who rejected it as crackpot at first.

-Frank Sulloway, historian and sociologist of science

Dr. Stephanie Seneff

MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Major shifts in scientific thinking take more than just a discovery to attain widespread acceptance. IVS deals with the entire process, from discovery to acceptance. It exposes fresh, promising ideas for broad consideration, paving the way toward scientific revolutions.

Ideas ahead of their time are often ridiculed, and face rejection even if there are no genuine objections. By addressing this problem, the IVS will inevitably advance science.

Brian Josephson

Nobel Laureate, Theoretical Physicist

To sustain our unsustainable appetites, we consume more than one earth. We need fundamental breakthroughs in science and society that we can implement with speed and scale. That is exactly what we expect from the Institute for Venture Science… even when it is against all odds.

Gunter Pauli

Entrepreneur and author of The Blue Economy

Breakthrough science is rare on the scientific scene and we need to encourage out-of-the- box thinking. This organization is moving resolutely in this direction.

Kary Mullis

Nobel Laureate, Biochemist

To seek understanding of what we don’t yet know requires an approach beyond merely building on the knowns. It requires a courageous openness, as per the IVS approach.

Francis Hochstenbach

Inventor, Smart-Phone PEMF technology

 The Institute for Venture Science addresses a dilemma: too little deviation from established paradigms within mainstream science, and too little rigor outside of it. The IVS supports a community of researchers who dare to challenge established ideas, offering the possibility to shift what we understand to be possible.

Charles Eisenstein

Author, speaker, and podcaster

We STILL do not understand the physical origins of the fundamental forces of Nature—gravity and electromagnetism: Incremental science does not seem to be getting us there; the IVS holds promise for breaking through the conceptual barriers that have held us back for so long.

William A. Gardner

Originator of the Cyclostationarity Paradigm

What we do

The IVS supports those who seek to discover truth, opening the door to revolutionary breakthroughs.

Proposals are identified on the basis of their potential for instigating dramatic beneficial change. The IVS then simultaneously funds multiple research groups worldwide for each selected proposal.

Proposals might include, for example:

  • an unorthodox but promising cancer cure
  • a new scientific principle for harvesting energy from the environment
  • a fresh, simple understanding of gravitation

After rigorous vetting and broad review, only in an open forum can these courageous ideas truly be brought to light.

Guiding Principles

Accelerating Progress

Discover the big breakthroughs now.
It’s been 50 years since DNA, nearly 100 since sub-atomic particles. The best is yet to come.

Nuturing Brave Ideas

IVS specifically rallies behind the most diverse and daring collection of ideas that challenge conventional models.

Rigorous Vetting

Ideas that are funded are vetted by leading minds across the globe, private and public service, and individuals with intelligence clearance and civilians. Only ideas that are both disruptive and sound proceed.

Fair Science

IVS brings the best of science to curate a fair and global stage. Introducing processes that insure rigorous vetting and reproducibility while minimizing biases that impede true innovation.

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Guiding Principles

Please consider contributing to our efforts.
The IVS welcomes your input.

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Help us
enrich the

Please consider contributing to our efforts. The IVS welcomes your input.

  • scientists
  • donors
  • volunteers
  • collaborators
  • more