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General FAQ

What sets the IVS apart from other scientific funding organizations?

Most agencies fund science and technology. We fund fundamental science only, seeking those issues that have the capacity to shake the earth. Further, we fund multiple laboratories pursuing the same theme, creating a critical mass that is difficult to ignore.

Does the IVS support technological investigations?

No. Only fundamental science, with high potential significance. We seek testable hypotheses on fundamental scientific concepts rather than on development of technology.

I resonate with the IVS idea. How can I get involved as a volunteer?

Let us know the skill you could offer. Kindly include a resume, and contact information for at least three references. Please visit Contact to get in touch.

How does the IVS handle intellectual property?

The IVS takes no direct interest in any intellectual property arising from the fundamental research it supports. Grantees may proceed to file patent applications in the usual way.

Can I claim a tax deduction if I donate to the IVS?

Yes. A 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt entity has been set up to receive donations. You may claim a tax deduction to the extent allowed by law.
Please donate here.

Partnering FAQ

What’s meant by “Partnering”?

Without partners, the IVS cannot operate. To fund the compelling projects that we have in mind, it’s necessary to raise money. We depend on generous patrons to help fulfill our mission. In return, these partners become intimately connected with the IVS. Please visit Partnering for more information.

Will there be an opportunity to meet others who have partnered with the IVS?

Events will be organized to facilitate such opportunities. We also anticipate meetings with IVS-funded scientists.

I’m considering a major donation. How can I speak with someone to find out more?

Please contact Dr. Pollack, Executive Director at

I’d like to help with a small donation. Does the IVS accept small donations?

Yes. All contributions are greatly appreciated. Please donate here.

Applicant FAQ

Must I be an academic to apply?

No. The IVS understands that creative proposals often come from outside of academia. On the other hand, you need to convince the reviewers that you will have the facilities needed to carry forth the experiments you propose. More information can be found in Applicants.

When will the next window of opportunity for pre-proposal submission open?

Re-opening depends on the amount of money we are able to obtain. Subscribe to our newsletter and you will be notified when the next openning is announced.

Does the IVS permit applications from outside the US?

Absolutely. The IVS is an international organization. Scientific advances should not be restricted to any one country. Therefore, the IVS will absolutely fund science worldwide.

If my proposal or pre-proposal has not succeeded, can I apply in subsequent rounds?

Yes. We will review without prejudice.